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David Day Guidebooks:


Colorado's Incredible Backcountry Trails, 2009, Rincon Publishing Company. (ISBN: 978-096608584-6) 448 pages, 90 maps, 305 color photographs. Includes the best canyon and mountain hikes in Colorado's wilderness areas and national parks. (normally $22.95, now only $11.95)

Utah's Incredible Backcountry Trails, 2013, Rincon Publishing Company (ISBN: 978-096608585-3) 496 pages, 466 color photographs and maps.  Includes the best canyon and mountain hikes in Utah's wilderness areas and national parks.(normally $24.95, now $19.95)

Canyonlands National Park - Favorite Jeep Roads & Hiking Trails, 2004, Rincon Publishing Company (ISBN: 0-9660858-2-5) 296 pages, 56 maps, 241 photographs.  Includes all of the developed jeep roads and hiking trails in Canyonlands National Park. (normally $14.95, now $11.95)

Salt Lake City's Incredible Hiking and Biking Trails, 2016, Rincon Publishing Company (ISBN: 978-096608589-1) 400 color photographs and maps, 336 pages.  Includes 73 trails, all within 50 miles of Utah's capitol city. (normally $19.95, now only $9.95)

Michael Kelsey Guidebooks:


Canyon Hiking Guide to the Colorado Plateau  6th edition, 2011, Kelsey publishing. (ISBN: 978-0944510278) 416 pages, 118 maps, 191 color photographs,  Includes most of the major canyons in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.  Some of the canyons require ropes and climbing equipment. Some, such as the Zion Narrows, are well known, while others are not.  (normally $19.95, now $15.95)

Hiking and Exploring Utah's Henry Mountains and Robbers Roost 3nd edition, 2009, Kelsey Publishing. (ISBN:  978-094451025-4) 288 pages, 158 photographs.  A combination hiking and travel guide to Utah's Henry Mountains and the surrounding area.  Also talks about the history of the area, including the life and legend of Butch Cassidy.  (normally $15.95, now $12.95)

Hiking and Exploring the Paria River 5th edition, 2010, Kelsey Publications.  (ISBN:  0-94451026-4)  384 pages, 33 maps, 328 photographs.  Lots of great hikes in this area, including Buckskin Gulch, Hackberry Canyon, and The Wave.  The book also includes a history of the Mountain Meadow Massacre and the execution of John D. Lee. (normally $19.95, now $15.95)

Technical Slot Canyon Guide to the Colorado Plateau 2th edition, 2008, Kelsey Publications. (ISBN:  978-094451023-0) 336 pages, 307 photographs.  Ropes are required for the exploration of all of the canyons in this book.  Includes canyons in the San Rafael Swell, Robbers Roost, Lake Powell, Zion, and the Arizona Strip.  (normally $19.95, now $15.95)

Utah Mountaineering Guide 3rd edition, 1997, Kelsey Publications. (ISBN:  0-94451014-0) 208 pages, 142 photographs.  Includes maps and route descriptions for climbing every major mountain peak in Utah.  The special challenges of winter assents are also discussed.  (normally $10.95, now $8.95)

Boater's Guide to Lake Powell 6th edition, 2016, Kelsey Publications.  (ISBN:  978-094451032-2)  360 pages, 300 photographs.  This is probably Kelsey's most popular book.  It covers hiking opportunities, geology, and archeological sites in all parts of this huge lake, including Cataract Canyon, the San Juan River Arm, the Escalante River inlet, and Rainbow Bridge. (normally $19.95, now $15.95)

Hiking, Climbing and Exploring Western Utah's Jack Watson's Ibex Country, 1997, Kelsey Publications.  (ISBN:  0-94451013-2)  272 pages, 224 photographs.  This book centers on the southern half of Utah's Great Basin, known locally as the West Desert.  It presents a range of hiking opportunities in the scarcely populated area as well as the history of the desert environment.  (normally $9.95, now $7.95)

Climber's and Hikers Guide to the World's Mountains and Volcanos 4th edition, 2001, Kelsey Publications.  (ISBN:  0-94451018-3) 1248 pages, 584 maps, 650 photographs.  This is Michael Kelsey's flagship book;  it represents a lifetime of work by a devoted traveler and outdoorsman.  While collecting material for this book Kelsey traveled to 223 countries, republics, or island groups.  He has personally climbed at least one mountain peak in 504 of the 584 regional maps shown in this book.  (was $36.95, now $15.95)

The Story of Black Rock, Utah 1996, Kelsey Publications.  (ISBN:  0-94451012-4) 160 pages, 151 maps and photographs.  This is a history Black Rock, a small railroad and ranching town south of Delta in Utah's sparsely populated West Desert. You won't find Black Rock on any maps now; it was abandoned in the mid 1930s and is now a ghost town. It's spirit lives on, however, in this fascinating little book.  (normally $9.95, now $7.95)

The Story of Clear Lake, Utah 2020, Kelsey Publications.  (ISBN:  978-094451036-0) 256 pages, 254 maps and photographs.  Clear Lake was a small railroad and ranching town west of Fillmore in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  The town was completely deserted by the 1930s,  but in its day it was an important rail stop for people living in Fillmore and other West Desert communities.  Its history offers a fascinating glimpse into what life was like in Utah at the time.  (normally $9.95, now $7.95)

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